Welfare and Child Protection Policy

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the welfare of all those who participate in athletics.

The club recognises that the child’s welfare is paramount and that their participation in athletics should be in an enjoyable and safe environment whatever their age, gender, racial origin or religious belief. All adults involved at the club have a duty of care to young athletes to protect them from bullying and undue pressure in training and competition whether it be from coaches, managers, other athletes or parents.

The club has appointed two Welfare Officers and a CRB verifier. Both these individuals take the responsibility for child welfare and act as the main point of contact for parents, children and outside agencies. The names of the Welfare Officers are displayed on the Club’s noticeboard , Nunroyd Park, Guiseley, the Skyrac A.C. base.

The Welfare Officers role is to advise and support the club officers and committee to implement welfare policies and procedures, to respond to any concerns regarding child protection and to ensure that all club helpers/officials/coaches have a relevant and up to date CRB check.

The CRB verifier ensures that all coaches/officials and volunteers have completed CRB checking. The Welfare Officer and CRB verifier maintain an up to date register of individual coaching qualifications, other relevant courses attended and CRB status. As with the Welfare Officers, the CRB verifier’s name is displayed on the Club’s noticeboard.

In addition to any specific codes of conduct coaches/officials and volunteers should follow the guidelines below so as to ensure that they work within best practice guidelines:

• Develop appropriate working relationships with athletes (especially under 18’s) based on mutual trust and respect.
• Strictly maintain a clear boundary between friendship and intimacy and not conduct inappropriate relationships with athletes.
• You MUST NOT allow an intimate personal relationship to develop between yourself and any athlete under the age of 18. And it is strongly recommended that you do not allow intimate personal relationships to develop between yourself and athletes over 18 years.
• Avoid inappropriate language or actions, such as sarcasm, that undermines an athlete’s self-esteem.
• Do not spend time alone with a young athlete unless clearly in view of others or with parents/guardians approval.
• Avoid taking a young athlete alone in your car, unless you have parental/guardian’s approval.
• Never invite a young athlete alone to your home.
• Always explain why and seek permission before touching an athlete.
• Work in same-sex pairs when supervising changing areas.
• Ensure that parents/carers have knowledge in advance if taking a young athlete away from the competitive venue.
• Respect the right of young athletes to an independent life outside athletics.
•Challenge inappropriate behaviour or language by others.
• Report any accidental injury, distress or misunderstanding or misinterpretation. A brief written report of such incidents should be submitted to the Welfare Officer as soon as possible and parents/carers notified. within an appropriate time span.
(see below)**.
• Report any suspected misconduct by other officials, coaches or athletics personnel. to any Skyrac Officer who is present.

**Reporting accidental injuries etc:

• Parents, carers, guardians of the person concerned must be notified immediately
• A written report should be produced and made available to the Welfare Officer within 24 hours of the incident
• Dependent on the level of the incident, the Welfare Officer has the power to convene a Committee meeting to determine what further action may be required.

Updated May 2011